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Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite has teamed up with creativeLIVE to go global! Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the energy of PI presentations — and it’s FREE! What is Photographers Ignite? Ignite is a style of presentation where participants express their passion for photography with five minutes to speak on a subject of their choice, accompanied by 20 slides that autoadvance at 15 second intervals. It’s like a really cool version of a pep rally, sure to excite your brain cells with innovative ideas and creativity for the coming year.

Creative Live ended Photo Week with a bang! Join Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell and other favorite Photo Week instructors for an image critique session. Our judges critiqued images entered by you, the Creative Live audience, and provided invaluable insight and feedback into what makes for an unforgettable image.

Join Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell and other favorite Photo Week instructors for an all-day Image Critique session. Our judges critique images entered by the CreativeLive audience and provide invaluable insight and feedback into what makes for an unforgettable image.

The 9 Most Important Camera Specs.
John Greengo will help you get the most out of your Canon 70D in this gear review brought to you by Adorama.

The Canon 70D remains the professional’s choice when seeking a full-featured APS-C camera body. An updated image processor and improved auto-focus speeds tip the scale on an already enticing list of features from this camera. Learn how to get the most out of it with insights from John.

Fun And Fast-Paced Photoshop Contest.
Photoshop This puts Photoshop Week instructors head to head in a race against the clock. You’ll watch as expert instructors take their own, unique approach to retouching the same image while the seconds tick away.

Invaluable Insight From An Award-Winning Photographer.

Join CreativeLive and 30-year photography pro, John Greengo, as he critiques students landscape and nature photos.

Answers To The Questions You’re Afraid To Ask.
Chase Jarvis is an award winning photographer who has helped create campaigns for some of the world’s most well-known brands. In this In Focus, Chase will discuss his start as a photographer and how he confronted the challenges along his journey. He’ll directly address the questions photographers are afraid to ask about the photo industry or about starting your photography business.

Discover solutions for your everyday Photoshop troubleshooting. You will learn how the misapplication of Photoshop’s workhorse functions – selections, layers, masks, color mode and more – can create problems that cascade throughout the rest of your project. Develop a mental workflow that will help you quickly diagnose and fix these issues in the future.

Try New Photography Challenges To Grow Your Skills And Have Fun. We Dare You.
Lacking ideas on what to shoot? Feeling uninspired behind the lens? Not sure what to do to flip the switch on your internal lightbulb?

What if you had new, weekly creative photography ideas sent to you directly one a week? “Assignments” that took you out of your daily grind, got you outside, and helped you break through your creative blocks?

Join CreativeLive for a series of free photography challenges designed to bust you out of your comfort zone. You’ll try new techniques, pick up new skills, and expand your photographic creativity.

What is the Creative Photography Challenge?

As fellow photographers, we know exactly how you feel. We’ve all felt drained of ideas of what to shoot next. This is why our team got together and designed the Creative Photography Challenge: a series of short, snackable videos that will help you discover and harness new photography techniques. You’ll be inspired by our community of fellow photographers that are participating in this challenge right along with you.

The challenges are simple; Each video is under five minutes long, so they won’t take forever to watch, and you can complete each challenge in just a few minutes or take an entire day to really hone in on your new skills.

Here are the episodes:

Motion Blur
Sunset Bracketing
Sandwich Bag Portraits
Water Droplets
Holiday Light Bokeh
Car Trails
Playing with Water
Double Exposure
Light Painting
Backlit Portrait

How it works

All you have to do to get started is click the free “Sign Up” button.

Also, you can join the Creative Photography Challenge Facebook group to ask questions, and share your experiences with your fellow photographers.

Start improving as a photographer today!



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