Beginner's Guide to Photography | What Camera Should I Buy?

01:40 | The Difference Between Full Frame & Cropped Frame Sensor Cameras
06:43 | Nikon vs. Canon (choosing a brand)
11:18 | Camera Recommendations
15:52 | Lens Recommendations
17:32 | Ways to save $$ on Camera Equipment
18:45 | Other Stuff to Buy

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♡ Product Links ♡

Nikon Cameras:
Recommended Entry-Level Cropped Sensor Camera: Nikon D3400 (Kit) ⇾
Recommended Full Frame Sensor Camera (Great in Low-Light) Nikon D750 (Body Only) ⇾

Canon Cameras:
Recommended Entry-Level Cropped Sensor Camera (Has a flip around screen, great for vlogging and selfies): Canon T6i (Kit) ⇾
Recommended Camera for Video: Canon 80D (Body Only) ⇾
Recommended Full Frame Camera: Canon 6D Mark II ⇾

Nikon 50mm f/1.8 ⇾
Canon 50mm f/1.8 ⇾

Additional Equipment:
32GB Class 10 SD Card ⇾
Reflector ⇾

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FTC Disclaimer: All of the links listed are affiliate links. If you purchase any of the products using the links I will receive a small percentage of that purchase. This does not affect the price of the product in any way, and I am only recommending equipment that I am familiar with or personally own.



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