Best Camera for Photography (For Beginners)

11 years ago I picked up a camera and my life changed forever. What started out as taking pictures of rocks and peacock feathers has turned into one of my biggest passions, talents and has given me opportunities to connect with people all over the world.

Photography can be pretty daunting when you’re first starting out and trust me, when I started I had NO IDEA what I was doing. But thanks to the internet and some amazing mentors, I learned and grew to the photographer I am today.

This week I decided to let you ask me all your burning questions about photography and I did my best to answer them in this video. Comment below if you have another question I didn’t answer! I hope it encourages you to pick up your camera and explore your creativity!

Here are all the links to the things I mention in the video:

My Photography Gear:

Where I find CHEAP flights:

Great beginner photography camera CANON REBEL T7:

Great beginner vlog camera CANON G7X:

Canon 60D:

Canon 5D Mark III:

Sony A7RIII:

My Presets:


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